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August 6, 2016

Man Shoots Himself in the Head After 14 Hour Standoff

I'm so glad to see that this young woman was able to survive her jealous and abusive ex-boyfriend!  I'm putting this up since I just saw this, wanting to show that the list that we work on, We Remember, does not accurately show the amount of Domestic Violence going on!  Those are the ones that unfortunately didn't make it, yet, there are many that survive their attacks and their abusive situations.

I don't ever want to forget those that have lost their lives to Domestic Violence, and I pray that those of us that survived it realize how blessed we are for getting through!  We are the ones that can truly do something about the Domestic Violence in our areas.  Those of us that have survived yet can safely speak out should do so!  Those that aren't safe can do things behind the lines.  Everything and everyone is needed!

I didn't mean this to become a call of action, yet, that's what this rant has become.  I'm not sorry!  We need to be the solution! 

Man Shoots Himself After 14-Hour Police Standoff
August 8, 2004

DALLAS, Ga. (AP) -- A Paulding County man who allegedly shot his ex-girlfriend turned the gun on himself early Sunday after holing up in her house for 14 hours in a standoff with police.

Authorities said Michael Todd Ray, 34, went to see his ex-girlfriend at her home Saturday morning and shot her in the stomach after seeing her with a new boyfriend.  The ex-girlfriend fled to a neighbor's house for help, while her boyfriend jumped out a window.

Ray remained in the house as Paulding sheriff's deputies, SWAT team members and Georgia State Patrol troopers arrived, prompting a 14-hour standoff that ended when Ray shot himself in the head.

"He's still alive," Paulding County sheriff's spokesman Lt. Sammy Goble said early Sunday, as deputies prepared to airlift Ray to the hospital.

After shooting tear gas into the house several times, authorities sent in a motion-detecting robot, which found Ray with the head wound around 12:30 a.m.

The ex-girlfriend, who was listed in fair condition at Grady Memorial Hospital, apparently had feared her ex-boyfriend, claiming Ray stalked her and bugged her house with audio and video equipment, authorities said.

"He's a very jealous person, and she had her current boyfriend with her at the time," Goble said.


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  1. He should have killed himself not just get a wound. Any man that bullies a woman and threatens her life doesn't deserve to breathe the same air. Hopefully the coward is still locked away

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  3. I just read something very disturbing about Ms. Call. She "didn't want to get him into deep trouble, and she didn't want to send him back to prison to serve out the remaining balance" of 8 years for his probation violations! Poor woman;she's still a victim. Why the hell WOULDN'T she want to send him away?

  4. I just watched the show on TV and she was scared the WHOLE time…yes she wanted him sent back to prison and he went in 2004 for 20 years for shooting her and is still currently in prison

    1. I genuinely hope Michael Todd Ray dies before 2024.
      He doesn't deserve to live, let alone walk free.

    2. I was referring to her not turning him in before he shot her. It shouldn't have taken him shooting her for him to go back to prison.