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October 28, 2013

Initial Hearing In Gibson County Murder Case

Posted: Jun 10, 2009 7:14 PM EDT

by Jamie Rose

GIBSON CO., IN - A Gibson County woman sits behind bars today after being arrested for allegedly killing her husband.


Indiana State Police say Barbara Earle shot her husband multiple times, and is now facing up to 65 years if convicted.

NEWS 25 was at Earle's initial hearing today, finding out where the case goes from here.

57-year-old, Barbara Earle, went before the Gibson County Superior Court Judge today, determining who will represent her, and when she's due back in court.

Right now Earle faces murder charges, but after talking with the County Prosecutor, we're told it's an ongoing investigation.

A protective shield of Sheriff's Deputies escorted Earle into the courtroom today.

Barbara Earle faces murder charges for allegedly killing her husband, 65-year-old, Wallace William Earle.

Gibson County Prosecutor, Robert Kreig, tells NEWS 25, "Various information that came in over a short period of time, again, led us to suspecting Ms. Earle and ultimately leading to her arrest."

NEWS 25 sat in on today's initial hearing where Earle heard the charges brought against her.

Police say Barbara Earle used a .38 caliber handgun to shoot her husband multiple times at their Somerville home.

Police say Earle's body was discovered by family just before five Friday evening.

"Based upon the investigation led by the State Police and Gibson County Sheriff's Department, the things that they eliminated was part of the reason that led to who she is," says Kreig. "And that would be like is there some sort of robbery that occurred there that had gone wrong there or anything like that. There really doesn't seem to be any evidence, anything like that, so we start looking to see who had opportunity who otherwise would have known the person."

Kreig tells NEWS 25 it's just one of many factors leading up to Earle's arrest. "Allegedly she (Barbara Earle) has made some admissions to other family members but again, that's just allegations that have been made so far, and obviously she's innocent until proven guilty."

Kreig says it's still an ongoing investigation. According to Kreig, "There are a number of things law enforcement is continuing to do, interviews with potential witnesses, people that may have overheard Ms. Earle talk or she may have had a conversation with."

NEWS 25 is told the weapon has yet to be found.

Earle is set to be back in court June 17 at 10:30am.

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