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August 16, 2012

About Marital Rape

Know the Facts

  • A marriage license does not require someone to submit to sexual contact on demand.
  • Everyone has the right to say "no" to any kind of sexual contact.
  • Forced sexual contact within a marriage or relationship is no different than if forced by a stranger.
  • Marital rape is agains the law in Illinois.
  • Marital rape is a serious crime.
  • In Illinois, if a person forces his/her spouse to have sexual intercourse without his/her partner's consent, it is sexual assault (rape).
  • A victim of marital rape has the right to report the crime to the police within 30 days of the assault.

Seeking medical and legal help...

Immediate medical attention provides the best medical protection and legal evidence. With your permission, evidence will be collected and other injuries will be documented. Medical attention is confidential and extremely important. Advocates are available to support you through medical procedures.


  • Do not wash.
  • Do not clean up or shower.
  • Do not change clothing.
  • Do not douche.
  • Bring a change of clothing.

Marital rape victims have the option to...

Make a police report. It is the responsibility of the police to obtain basic information and attend to the physical well-being of the victim. Police will arrange transportation to the hospital if treatment is desired. The Community Crisis Center has advocates who will discuss this option with you.

If you don't feel safe making a police report from your home, go somewhere else, such as the police station, hospital or the Community Crisis Center to make your report. You may have an advocate from the Crisis Center assist you in doing this.

Forms of Abuse...

It is wrong for your partner to:

  • Force or pressure you to perform sexual acts against your will.
  • Physically attack the sexual parts of your body.
  • Treat your body like a sex object.
  • Control what you do, who you see and talk to, where you go, etc.
  • Put you down, try to make you feel bad about yourself, call you names, make you think you are crazy.
  • Use expressions, actions, gestures, loud voice, or smash things or destroy property to make you afraid.
  • Make and/or carry out threats to hurt you emotionally. Threaten to report you to welfare, take the children, or commit suicide.
  • Physically hurt you in any way.

Your Rights...

Every person, whether male or female, married or single, has the right to:

  • Refuse requests without having to feel guilty or selfish.
  • Feel and express anger.
  • Have one's own needs be as important as the needs of other people.

In a marriage agreement, each person has the right to:

  • Seek mutually satisfying resolutions to conflict.
  • Define your own sexual limits.
  • Feel safe and comfortable expressing yourself
  • Accept responsibility for yourself and your actions.
  • Acknowledge past use of violence.
  • Admit being wrong.
  • Communicate openly and truthfully.
  • Seek professional assistance.

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