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July 20, 2012

Indianapolis police officer faces 30 counts

Why is it the fact that this is a police officer who’s in this kind of trouble surprise anyone?  When are people going to let it sink in that DV can happen to anyone, in any financial status or job?  Which of course means any human being in any job position could have abusive tendencies? 

Indianapolis police officer faces 30 counts

July 19, 2012 3:04PM

NDIANAPOLIS (AP) — An Indianapolis police officer involved in a four-hour standoff with other officers at a city park faces 30 criminal counts.

Marion County prosecutors on Thursday filed charges including stalking, battery and invasion of privacy against 54-year-old Officer Craig Ratcliff.

Court documents allege Ratcliff harassed a former girlfriend for several months, following her, sending her flowers, phoning her and other things.

Ratcliff held off police on Feb. 14, saying he was upset with a woman over Valentine’s Day. He was carrying a small box of candy, a greeting card and a stuffed animal when he surrendered.

Prosecutors say Ratcliff is being held in a county jail.

An attorney who formerly represented Ratcliff says he doesn’t yet know if he’ll be hired to defend him on the new charges.

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