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May 21, 2012

Computer Tracking

1. There are many ways to use a computer of a means of tracking. This is common knowledge amongst the computer junkies! Me being one knows! LOL I have been on both sides of this coin, I have watched, and been watched.

2. You can do general searches on every search engine. You can search groups, chat rooms, message boards, ect with very little more than a screen name. If you are signed into or on a group your name will appear. If you are online 9 out of 10 times it will show it.  That is why it is so important for us to be very careful on the net. IE that is why we need to make sure that when we register with anyone it is done under a false name.

3. Motor vehicle records are very easily accessed on the net for the right person. All it takes is the right "paid" subscription and a persons name and or SS number. It is a HUGE tracking tool for the educated stalker. ( This was used on me while in hiding) and the information obtained was ACCURATE!

4. You can place anyone's name in AOL, YAHOO, MSN, IDRC, and others. As long as you add them to your buddy list, you will know if they are online. Even if you use the sleep mode to hide while online, the person trying to see is able to know if you are.

5. There are so many ways that people are able to "track" you while using the computer, and for the even slightly educated user it is almost effortless to find someone,, unless they have taken the proper measures to become "unseen". These measures include, but are not limited to changing your screen name information on EVERYTHING that you do on the computer. Meaning that when ever you register for ANYTHING you are using a "fake" name. This is easily done. Just one measure to protect yourself. Also through the address confidentiality Program you can have your motor vehicle records changed, and hidden. I have done this as a measure to stay safe. You can also have your SS number changed, to ensure that you will not be found. Theses are extreme measures that in some cases need to be done to protect us and our children.

6. Last but not least....There are programs available on the net that will track your ISP number. ( this is your computers personal address...code if you will) These programs are VERY accurate, and will keep sending you daily updates of where and what the ISP number has been. This is the most complete information that can be used to track. VERY EASY TO USE!!  Again all you have to do is purchase the program, and BAM you know everything and anything that you ever wanted to know about someone on the net.

These programs and methods are used to bring the internet into the very personal part of our lives...... OUR HOME!!!  These programs give out WAY to information on us. They allow the abuser, or another sicko out there to find, harass, hurt, send viruses, ect, ect to us.

I know that this is probably WAY too much info, however the more we know as a community, the more we can remain protected. The only sure way to remain safe is to upgrade your computer regularly ( giving a new ISP number), using false names on EVERY registration that we  need, using UPDATED anti-virus, anti SPYWARE programs, and a firewall, and keeping on our toes.

The good news is that for the same pennies used to purchase these programs, we can purchase programs that will allow you to know if you are being tracked!!  LOL   How funny is that??

I hope that this information is helpful.
Blessings, Valerie

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